About us

We have finally found the horse bedding of the future!
This horse bedding is produced specifically for this intended purpose.

In 2014, we discovered that there was no dust-free horse bedding on the market.  As a result, every year more horses are burdened by allergies and respiratory problems and diseases. The main cause of these problems was among other things, poor air quality in the barn or excessive amounts of dust in the litter.

Therefore, our goal was to produce a dust-free bedding which was healthier for the horses and improved the air quality in the barns.

Since we are environmentally conscious, we first looked for all natural products for our horse bedding.
 Chemical additives were never an option for us and this remains true today.
Only natural raw products were able to meet our high requirements for bedding, namely the Norwegian pine tree due to its natural antibacterial properties.
 It was also sensible to produce a tree bedding as all of its natural advantages are maintained even after the product has been produced.
Since only Scandinavia and USA has the extensive pine forests needed to sustain the cultivation we desired, we decided to produce there.

As a further goal, we had planned to create a bed in the horse box where the horses were not injured by lying down, getting up or turning.
To help prevent injuries, we tested five different cut sizes of the wood in order to create a soft, springy but firm horse bed.   After 12 months of testing, we chose this fifth composition and HippoBED was born.

Since 01.08.2016 we have been offering the product on the German market and have received a tremendous positive response.
 Even the smell of the healthy ethereal properties of HippoBED is noticed with spreading.
 More and more customers want what is best for the horse and the barns.
 Therefore, there is only one choice = HippoBED.