HippoBED – the bedding with a future

HippoBED – King size flakes
are specially produced from larger and smaller wooden chips. This creates a soft and deep padding for the horse and due to these different sizes, the padding remains air permeable. This soft, deep bed has a positive effect on the joints of the horse, especially when lying and turning in the stall. This gives the horse the highest comfort possible!

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Dust free

Dust free

HippoBED litter is filtered several times.
100% natural

100% natural

HippoBED are made from renewable forests.


HippoBED have high antibacterial properties.



The bedding with a future

  • 100% natural wood
  • Dust free and top quality
  • Natural antibacterial properties

  • Comfortable deep mattress
  • Extremely high volume
  • Easy to muck out

  • No additives
  • Natural ethereal extracts
  • Fragrant aroma

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